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Discover new sources of energy & vitality with a holiday experience that can transform your life! Escape to a truly beautiful part of the world nestled beach-side and flanked by Australian bush-land. Succumb to the gentle nurturing of our professional team. Relax. Disconnect from the pressures of daily life. Seek positive change, improve health and vitality, and restore well-being.


Our gifted and inspiring industry specialists reach out to offer dedicated support, bringing warmth and friendliness to all they do. In a beautiful place where family, faith and friendship all blend together you will be empowered to make positive lifestyle changes, enabling you to achieve your personal goals revealing a healthier, happier and more motivated you.


Wellness Retreats at Rosslyn Bay Resort and Spa are an effortless experience….from the moment you arrive you are taken care of like a long lost friend. Every detail of the retreat is thoughtfully and lovingly planned; you will be nurtured and immersed in life changing experiences with memories to cherish long after you return home. We will take you on a journey of self-exploration, providing the inspiration, self-knowledge and practical skills to chart a course for a happier, healthier life.


Ross had a very humble beginning being one of 11 children raised on a small dairy farm. After leaving school and home at the age of 15 Ross has packed an abundance of learning, spiritual and personal growth, life experiences, sports coaching, business coaching, and leadership, business ownership, team building, life and success coaching over the years.


Through his own life experiences and travel too many parts of the world over the last 30 years to study under some of the best masters on the planet, Ross has gained a wealth of knowledge and his mission is to share his learning with as many people as possible. Ross is also qualified in Holistic Wellness Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and is an NLP Practitioner. 





Financial Planning

Ross owned and managed his own highly successful Financial Planning Business for 11 years in Rockhampton before selling this business to move to Brisbane to follow his Rugby League Coaching Dream. 


Rugby League 

After playing Rugby League since childhood Ross started a coaching career at a young age of 23 which spanned over 20 years. His many coaching achievements and highlights included coaching numerous teams to premierships, coaching the Queensland Residents Representative Team, coaching the Redcliffe Dolphins to their first premiership in 29 years and coaching in the English Super League. 




O'Reilly's Real Estate  

This agency based in Yeppoon has been one of the leading agencies on the Capricorn Coast for past 11 years. 


Rosslyn Bay Resort 

The management rights of this beachside resort.


Beaches Restaurant

A beautiful 350 seat restaurant right on the beach at Rosslyn Bay.


Rosslyn Bay Wellness Spa

 Beautiful Day Spa located at the Rosslyn Bay Resort.


Rosslyn Bay Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats operating out of Rosslyn Bay Resort and Spa.


Ross's true passion and purpose is helping people and teams reach their true potential. Ross is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to play this game of life and learn what he has from many great teachers. He has a love for sharing these enlightening insights with as many people and teams as possible.


"We each live, moment by moment, in a world the size of our understanding." 


Yoga Alliance Australia 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher 

Rainbow Kids Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher


Drawn to yoga by her own health challenges, and discovering the extensive healing and therapeutic benefits of the practice, Fiona has embraced and dedicated herself to the ancient art for over 16 years. She is driven to help others restore their vitality, self-awareness, and self-love using the traditional techniques of yoga.


In 2013 Fiona travelled to India the birthplace of yoga, and trained under Dr Omanand of Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science and Research. Here she studied traditional Hatha yogic techniques of postures, breathing exercises and meditation, and gained formal certifications in Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapy. It was in India where Fiona learnt that yoga goes far beyond the poses we know in the Western world, to a holistic way of living and healing. 

Fiona loves to teach yogic techniques that can help every practitioner regardless of his or her abilities. Her aim is to show that most postures, with or without modifications, are accessible to most people. Benefits that can be reaped from yoga include:


Improved structural alignment and posture 

Greater strength and flexibility 

Better circulation and digestion 

All bodily systems can be awakened and energised 

Improved respiration and deep, relaxed breathing 

Returns us to our true nature: fluidity, grace, happiness, love of self

 A sense of inner tranquillity 

Coping strategies for times of stress and anxiety


…In essence, yoga makes you feel good! 

Fiona’s style of yoga can be described as a gentle awakening and energising, yet restorative, calming and healing.


"Fiona takes pleasure in bringing unconditional love and bliss to each and every student in her classes."


Wendy started her career in the Casino Industry working as a Croupier in one of South Africa’s top Hotel and Resorts, The Wild Coast Sun, which she did for over 8 years.


She learnt about many aspects of life and has always been drawn towards health, body and fitness. She has travelled to many parts of the world, but spent most of her life in Africa. When Wendy left Africa she relocated to the UK and changed her career to become an Air Hostess, this took her all over Europe and enabled her to meet many interesting people along the way.


After starting a family Wendy moved to Australia 9 years ago and ventured into Massage and Beauty Therapy, she studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT). Wendy specializes in Swedish and Hot Stone Massage and Facials. She believes that massage creates a balance of mind, body and spirit. 

Massage is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body.


Her goal as a massage therapist is to assist and invite clients in actively participating in their own health, she enjoys keeping fit with running and yoga. 


 Anita spent 9 years at university studying a broad range of sciences including chemistry, nuclear medicine, sonography, a short dabble in psychology before finding herself fascinated by nutrition. She worked in Nuclear Medicine and PET diagnostic imaging in Australia and the UK for 13 years before a cascade of health issues affecting her and her family sent her down not only a path of scientific explanations but also one of spiritual learning and self-discovery.


Today as a mum to three young girls, wife, nutritionist, author, public speaker and MINDD practitioner, her passion is to inspire people to take control of their health and discover we are here to do more than just exist but to thrive!! Anita is often called for professional opinion on nutritional topics by ABC Tasmanian Radio, various podcasts and has presented as a keynote speaker at numerous events around Australia. 


Anita has a business called Eat and 3 Veg which provides the following support: 

 Group programs – Reclaim Your Health and Bounce Back from Burnout 

 Individual consultation and longer term health coaching both in person and via skype available worldwide 

 Nutritional supports – real food based support for thriving health at her shop located at Rosslyn Bay Resort. 

 Online Bounce Back from Burnout course 

 Blog at 

 Book – Sandwich Free Packet Free Lunchboxes and new book about Women’s Health and Burnout on its way!! 

 Reiki practitioner 

Nutrition is so much more than food alone… but it’s a great place to start before looking at the bigger picture! 


“Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.” 


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Retreat Participant



“I loved all of it – there was nothing I didn’t enjoy, it really made me feel I had achieved a level of wellness from my experience… Those incredible tasty meals that Chef Michael prepared that were gluten, dairy and sugar free. They were beautifully presented and I ate some of the most delicious food I have experienced… My family and friends realise how inspiring this retreat has been for me as I have not been able to stop talking about all I have experienced and learnt."

- Sue Bradshaw

Retreat Participant


“On behalf of my father, sister and myself, thank you.  The transformation of mum in her mind, body and soul since your retreat has been amazing.  The retreat has released all her stress and all she has been holding onto.  It is so humbling to see her happy and peaceful.  We normally have small chats on the phone with her, she rang me on the first day of the retreat while on break and talked non-stop for fifteen minutes about everything she had done and was going to do; I could not get a word in! She was so excited about all she was learning. So to you both and all the staff at the retreat a big heartfelt thank you.  What you all contribute together and in what you offer at the retreat is wonderful.”

- Megan Bradshaw (Daughter of Sue Bradshaw)

Retreat Participant


“Overall, a fantastic experience sharing with some amazing people in a stunning location.”

- Louise Iseppi

Retreat Participant


“I loved the whole thing. A beautiful blend of holistic wellness. Loved the energy of all the presenters. Love what Ross has created here - an amazing connection with the retreatants. Somehow all of you have blended all of us into one big caring family."

- Elizabeth Shelton

Retreat Participant

“This was my first ever retreat and all of my expectations were exceeded. I travelled from the Gold Coast to attend because I believed this retreat had all of the content I was looking for. The program was well planned and enabled me to keep an open mind around all aspects of ‘Well-Being’”.

- Jo Schaeffer

Men's Retreat Participant


“The retreat experience provided a safe and comfortable atmosphere to experience and put into practice practical and life-changing learnings. The program is perfectly balanced to engage participants across health, nutrition, mind and motivational modalities… I walked away from the retreat with the confidence that my life can change in a positive way… I was supported and encouraged, which made sharing easy and gave me a sense of confidence and belonging… I have new purpose and goals as a result of my learnings, and would encourage men and women alike to extend themselves into a retreat, they will walk away renewed and motivated with a solid practical plan to improve themselves, their family and friends.”

- Rod 

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